I’m Not Fine - Lizzie Ens

I’m Not Fine - Lizzie Ens

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I’m Not Fine with Lizzie Ens LIVE FRIDAYS 3 PM ET/2 CT/1 MT/12 PT When asked, do you often tell people you are fine? Have you told others many times that you are “fine” but you don’t really feel fine? We often get used to just feeling fine instead of reaching to feel excellent or even good. Wellness is about feeling good and that is a journey of continually coming back to what is nourishing and healing for us. Your body is FUNCTIONAL and ever changing, like a pendulum swinging. We must learn how to move with it. Functional Nutrition Coach Lizzie Ens uses her expertise and experience of growing up Amish and escaping at 19 years of age to helping hundreds of clients move from feeling FINE to feeling amazing. On the “I’m Not Fine” show Lizzie guides and leads listeners to feel their best self again by providing simple but effective tools that everyone can use right away. https://www.lizzieens.com/ https://undietyourself.live/ Book with Lizzie today: https://info.undietyourself.live/consultation1

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  • Siste episode: 2024-04-12

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