Episode 281: Estrogen Concerns and updates on Estrogen Dominance!

Episode 281: Estrogen Concerns and updates on Estrogen Dominance!

Naturally Nourished · 2022-02-28

We know from last week’s episode that estrogen plays a vital role in bone, breast, vaginal health and more and that too little estrogen can be concerning. But what happens when we have too much estrogen? Tune in to learn about symptoms of excessive estrogen, reasons for estrogen dominance, and our thoughts on the various forms of estrogen replacement therapy.

In this episode, we discuss risks of synthetic estrogen including pills, creams, vaginal rings, patches and more. Learn how to address estrogen dominance in a functional medicine perspective, what testing is needed before going on any form of hormone replacement therapy, and how bioidentical hormones are different. Plus we discuss risks of excessive estrogen and how you can balance out levels with diet, lifestyle, and supplemental support.

Also in this episode:

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